a-an-9 (Indefinite Article)

Fill up the following blanks with the use of Indefinite Article 'a or an'.
There in some cases, we need to use neither of them.
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a-an exercise-09
'a' 'an' or 'no article':
81. Look, this is ..... Unidentified Flying Object. (UFO)
82. Hurry up, we don’t have ....... lot of time.
83. Have you ..... idea ?
84. Can you please give me ..... envelope ?
85. Merry has got ..... pet.
86. This is ..... Whatsapp message.
87. Would you give ..... honest opinion?
88. There is ..... huge crowd of people near the temple.
89. We have ..... interesting article on phonetics.
90. Let’s go to ..... New York today.


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