a-an-10 (Indefinite Article)

Fill up the following blanks with the use of Indefinite Article 'a or an'.
There in some cases, we need to use neither of them.
Click 'Answer' button below if you want to check answers with reasons:
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a-an exercise-10
'a' 'an' or 'no article':
91. Have you ever tested ..... kerosene?
92. I have .... English to Gujarati dictionary.
93. Jet Lee wants to work in ..... Hindi movie.
94. Obama is ..... intelligent.
95. Look at .....sheep. They are grazing.
96. This is ..... sheep.
97. Give me half ..... dozen bananas.
98. He broke ..... glass of this window yesterday.
99. .....Angel Class is very near.
100. We learn .....English Grammar from ..... Kishan sir.


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